Back in ya face!

Killa Instinct, Chrome (Def Tex) & Ill Inspired, DJ Krash Slaughta, Monkey Sons, Sublime Wizardry...

Be there, it's gonna be slammmin!

p.s. Make sure to check out radio RaBe this Friday, 16/01/2009 at ca. 8:15pm CET...

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Another Revolt Throw Down!

Another Revolt Throw Down is about to hit Positive Pressure Productions' hometown Zug on Saturday, 27. December 2008. These guys definitely know how to rock a party, as seen on GAMBIT's album launch party last month in Berne. The Revolt Rec. line up is GAMBIT, FEUERRING and human beatbox MARZEL. This crew's got stamina!

Positive Pressure on the wheels! Of course..

In cooperation with Revolt Rec. and Galvanik On Tour.

Listen to GAMBIT at SpeeDee's show on Radio RaBe:


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Suspekt tees

We still have a few Suspekt T-shirts left from the jam in January 08 (click here to see some pics of the night). Available sizes are XL and XXL. If you'd like to get one please follow the link below and fill in the form. We will get back to you with a paypal invoice a.s.a.p.. Thanks.

>> click pictures to enlarge

Prices including shipping are as follows:
Switzerland: € 12.-
Europe: € 14.-
Rest of world: € 16.-

>> Click here to order a Suspekt T-shirt <<


B-Side Wins Again

Since I first heard 'The Vengeance Is Mine' by a certain SWORN LORD circa 10 years ago, I needed this record in my shelves. It turned out to be a really tough one to find and in all those years I saw it only once on Ebay. That was a few years ago and as I wasn't disposed to spend the kinda money someone else was, my quest to find this record went on. Until recently, when I finally managed to cop one.

Well, what can I say about this? First of all, the A-Side is pretty forgettable. The track is titled 'We Can Make It Happen' by a singer called CHERYL. So let's get on to the B-Side, where it's at. And this is an absolute banger of a track, just how I like my hip hop. There is SWORN LORD MC kicking mad angry rhymes over a hard, yet funky uptempo beat provided by DAVY G, who, by the way, seemed to be a major early influence to HIDDEN IDENTITY producer EVIL ED (click here to read his personal review on DAVY G's first 12"). On scratching duties you have DJ SOUNDMASTER controlling the ones and twos like it should be done. You won't find any lame shouting choruses, let alone R'n'B sing sing on here, just the DJ cutting up slices of CHUCK D and GATECRASH lyrics and the like. Instrumental and a capella versions come along the vocal version. Def! Bag it if you see it!

Nuff talked, listen for yourself:



Aroe & The Soundmakers - Crown Jewels 2

After blessing our ears with ‘Crown Jewels 1’ and ‘The Wreckshop’, AROE & THE SOUNDMAKERS are back with the second instalment of their Crown Jewels british rap mix. This time they dug even deeper in their vaults and present a sumptuous collection of widely unheard and unreleased rap tunes from the UK’s golden era. This is exactly my shit I can tell y’all!

The CD contains 54 tracks, 9 of which are unreleased heaters from BLADE, GUNSHOT, D TO THE K, SINDECUT, FRESHSKI & MO ROCK, 3PM and SOLID N’ MIND. The remaining tunes are all available on wax, although, in most cases pressed up in very limited quantities and therefore terribly hard to get one’s hands on. The incredible amount of fire added to the mix shows how much the UK had to display in its golden years. All nicely blended, with air horns, sirens and other natty effects added for your ultimate listening experience.

Quality rating: SERIOUS DOPE!

Check out the sound clips:

Available at:
Concourse Records
Rarekind Records
Suspect Packages

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Save The Vinyl @ Bar59, Lucerne

Positive Pressure DJs MUNCHEE and ADEE will be hitting the decks on Friday, 21. November at Bar59 (Lucerne). Other DJs on the night are DJ MURPHY, DJ WAB and MOVEMAN. We hope to see you there. It's gonna be funky..


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Gambit & Feuerring live in Zürich

We're a bit late on this but don't forget to check out GAMBIT and FEUERRING playing live at Club Hey (Zürich) this coming Wednesday.

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Positive Pressure blog

Welcome to the Positive Pressure blogspot!

Keep watching this space for our various events planned in the near future. Other stuff that's of interest will be added on here too.

To start things off, here's a nice little exclusive: Three GUNSHOT live clips from their often underrated second album 'Twilights Last Gleaming'. This was recorded at KiFF (Aarau, Switzerland) in 1997. Boy.. What a night!


'Maths And Stats'

'Mask Of The Phantasm'